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Leapfrogging is innovation by

Skipping stages

What if you don’t have to move through regular development stages – can you skip some?

Creating new paths

What if you chart a new path to your destination that is faster and less costly?

Surpassing others

What if you can catch up and surpass others?

Start leapfrogging today

Leapfrogging is enabled by three types of innovations - new technology, new operating models and new behaviour patterns.

Leapfrogging is a way of thinking about challenges with a view to speed up development.
How can you plant 400,000 trees in one day?

Adopting Modern Technologies to Scale

Leapfrogging is about leveraging available technology by-passing intermediary steps.
Why use plastic when you can use mobile?
Leapfrogging to help us surge ahead

A new generation of changemakers

We want to inspire and encourage a new generation of leapfroggers who are willing and able to spot innovations and apply relevant methods and tools to leverage them in a new way to reduce time to outcomes and developments.

corporate service

LFN Website Guide

How can you use this website to start leapfrogging?
As an entrepreneur or a startup, you are always looking for problems to solve. Our website includes a variety of reports and guides to reflect on your own understanding of the market opportunities and to generate possible startup ideas.

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As a business incubator, you will find a handful of tools and resources to conduct ideation sessions for your startups – general or per sector, in addition to exposing them to the newest technologies and market opportunities.

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For your corporate, find a variety of reports to feed the curiosity of your employees and to keep them well-informed of what’s out there.

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A message from the founder

A message from the founder

Please join us in progressing this narrative into the future.
To leapfrog or not, I am leapfrogging!
Maher Kaddoura
Founder of Leapfrog Nation

I have always been fascinated by all kinds of innovation from incremental, disruptive to radical. However, I have recently become obsessed with leapfrogging as a form of innovation to accelerate development to achieve results equal or better than developed economies, and in less time!

Leapfrogging over difficult and expensive development stages is the only practical way for developing economies to establish better national systems like education, healthcare, financial inclusion, government services, and many other areas.

Spot and share  how specific technologies are being used in various sectors and to address challenges and opportunities (Drones to plant 100,000 trees per day) and what possibilities we can generate for our local environment. (Check our reports)

The outcome is a “Discovery Report”  for leapfrogging possibilities (yes, they are only ideas and maybe dreams as well, but why not? As they say “If you cannot imagine it you cannot build it” ). This should form the basis for real work to start and to leverage technology, knowledge, and wisdom accessible to all these days. 

Share a generic methodology we are naming 10S to serve as  the starting point of shaping a tailored approach for each context and opportunity. (Check our Guides and Tools)

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    Thinking & Doing In Progress
    It will get better with your thoughts